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By Kevin Styles

i-Junky Has Moved!!!!1

Friday, June 17, 2005
i-Junky Has MOVED!

New location: http://ijunky.blogsome.com Please update your links! And come take a look at the new i-Junky now under the Wordpress system.


Feeling generous

Sunday, June 05, 2005
I've found quite possibly the best free bandwidth hoster out there on the net Send Me File you guys might want to check it out for free bandwidth file hosting, best thing is - it's free, no need for regristration and pretty much idiot proof aswell.

Having that said, I've chosen to upload two of my most obsessive tracks that tends to always be played in the background.

Now to get the following songs all you have to do is just click on them and they should bring you to the Send Me File site with a download button, should also say what file it is next to "File" and you're all set. Will be uploading more as I get around to it.


Radio Blog is Here

Friday, June 03, 2005
After reading a very well documented piece here on setting up Radio Blog without the need of .php I thought this would be very useful to my needs and after fiddling around abit I managed to get radio.blog hooked in just for this special part of my blog.

Due to limited bandwidth space of just 10 megabytes per Optus user account, the song choices are very limited for the time being, but once the other user accounts have been setup that's 10 megabytes worth of bandwidth just under different user accounts, it will soon be very well much linked altogether.

Anyway hope you guys enjoy!


Couldn't get it the way I wanted it look, I had it lined up fine enough but for some odd reason in Firefox and a much lower desktop resolution (1024x768), it looked ugly (I use 1280x1024 by the way). So I'll be working on it somemore before I put it back up.

Joel Turner - These Kids

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I'm primarily writing this piece for two reasons. One; I'm kinda drunk at the moment, so having a read back on this piece later will be no doubt a funny read. Two; wanted to see if I can actually analyse a favourite song piece while under the influence of alcohol. We'll see how I go;

Joel Turner - These Kids

These kids; trapped in a struggle and
Nowhere to head at night
Hair full of trouble is all that they're getting
And nobody knows tha suffering they go through
And u wouldn’t believe em if they told you

Kids in todays society mostly around the age of teens, are no doubt facing alot of issues in this world, it may seem big to us teens, because we mostly tend to take issues quite dramatic no doubt and it's inevitable for most of us. We (teens) tend to go through alot of life's situations and during the teen stage is where we encounter most of these situations for the first time, so they may seem troublesome and quite difficult to overcome.

Most adults will have been through what we (teens) have been, so basically through this verse, he is trying to portray the idea of no-one listening to us (teens), basically we tend to make them seem like a big situation when they really aren't.

So many songs, so many times
Tha world had to hear so many rhymes
About how life is for struggles
Minority groups, kids with single mothers
Young homies turn hustlers, killing for money
It’s kinda funny how tha crime rate is so high
In suburbs where family ties are low, n suicide on tha rise

Basically no matter what kind of situation that happens in this society, no one listens, and this just keeps happening, it's quite inevitable, because no one is listening. So many musical influences that reflect on life's many struggles and situations such as single parents and young teens being influenced in the triad scene thinking it's cool and striving for that sweet sweet cash. While on the other side of the fence some families with kids are facing the issue of poverty and this shows just how unbalanced this economic society really is.

But soon enough we tend to realise the situations we (as teens) are getting ourselves into, by this stage for some of us teens it's too late, we tend to think big of a situation and we always try to find the weakest, quickest escape - suicide ... which again shows that suicide occurs more in relatively teens than any other age category.

Oh why - so many die coz in their eyes
Tha mistakes they made, can’t be erased tha only way out is to take their life
‘N if they don’t do it sudden then they’ll do it slowly
Polluting themselves with drugs, cause they on this world lonely

I'm sure most teens can relate to this, we tend to find the quickest way is to escape from life - suicide. But for some of us, we tend to see the logical sense in suicidal and it's just plain wrong and weak, but however we tend to take drugs to temporarily erase the bad issues we teens tend to go through even for just one fun night, which I'm sure most of us can relate to this at one time or another.

So we as a nation just class em as a waste of space
N if they don’t help the economy then strip them naked
Put em on tha streets n make sure tha police hate them
N feed tha public phony information on tha evening news
"Kids may bomb police stations, to get at tha boys in blue"

The society in general tend to think low of these teens, and it's true, we publicly give these teens just what the society wants to hear about teens such as these. Cause if they don't help the economy and give it a bad, the society in general try to push these teens out of the society system and cover up this on the media.

This song goes out to tha whole justice system
Instead of listening to tha kids with tha problems
They just tick them off more
Until the kids in prison or is dead before he’s 24

Basically proving the same point, we as the society in general tend to push the teens who give the 'society' a bad name out of the 'picture'

That's basically as far as I got before I'm completely drunk sleepy, so think I'm gonna go ly down for abit. Might finish this off as another blog entry later.